Hi, I’m Big Cal, and welcome to bigcal.co.uk! Some of you may already know me from my other site, www.wrestlingview.co.uk where I blog and post videos about wrestling. 1 year has passed since I first started making those videos, and I have decided to branch out into some non wrestling projects!


The first of which is a series based on Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT, with the first episode uploading as I type this! I also plan to do more video series on various topics, as well as written content too. These other projects won’t come for a while, but I do have a number of ideas in the pipe line for the future :).


The site isn’t finished yet (still need to make a site logo for one, and set up some other pages etc), but I plan to get it done this weekend.


So, enjoy your stay here, and I hope you enjoy my work! Comments and feedback is always appreciated, even negative providing its constructive criticism and not pointless hating lol.

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